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 Anatomy of an Effective Offsite

A clear focus

Business problems are solved and the right direction is set when 1) everyone is on the same page and 2) the leader is able to fully and confidently participate in the meeting-- knowing that a professional facilitator, with an IT and OD background, is keeping the meeting on track.  Below are 3 stages of an effective off-site meeting based on our work with Fortune 500 companies.

A proven structure

  1. Pre-work:   Reading and completion of an instrument (select from below) (:30-:60)
  2. Workshop:  Opening workshop exercise and reflection on personal experiences (1:00); Concepts and research of instrument (1:00); Discussion of instrument results and implications—use of workbooks (1:30); Agreement on and simulation of new way of working together based on results (2:00)
  3. Business application:  Facilitation of business direction meeting including opportunities, barriers   to success and strategies to overcome barriers. (remainder of the meeting, typically 1-1.5 days)

Assessments to start the work (select one)

Selected instruments that we employ (*confidentially administered on-line through

A facilitator that knows your business

George Dunne.   10+ years working with IT organizations and 25+ years in the Organization Development field.  PMP Certification, ITILv3 Foundations Certification, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Software Quality Analyst, Registered Organization Development Consultant (RODC) and Certified to deliver all instruments above.
Working as an effective team
Motivators that drive behavior
Opportunities for personal development
Approaches to resolving conflict
SDI:  Capitalizing on team strengths
Personalities and team composition