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Performance Needs*

Goals                                                 Design                                           Management
Are all relevant functions in place?  Any unnecessary functions?

Is there an efficient flow of inputs and outputs through the functions to efficiently achieve the strategy?
Have functional goals been set and performance measured?

Are resourcees allocated effectively?

How are the interfaces between the functions managed?
Has the strategy been articulated and communicated?

Does the strategy have measurable goals?




Are the steps betweeen process steps managed?

Are sufficient resources allocated to each process?
Are process goals linked to customer/organization requirements?
Is this is the most efficient process to accomplish the process goals?

Performance Levels

Are job steps in logical sequence?

Are job procedures developed and able to be followed in an unprompted fashion?

Is the job environment condusive to performance?
Do performers have necessary knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits?

Do performers understand the job goals and if they are/are not meeting them?

Do performers have the necessary information, tools, incentives, motivation, capacity and training to meet the goals?
Are job outputs linked to process requirements and functional goals?

*Adapted from-- I​​​​mproving Performance:   How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart.  Geary A. Rummler and Alan P. Brache. Oxford:  Josey-Bass (C) 1991.  Page 27.