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 ​Customizable Workshops​​

Conducting a 1-day workshop around a relevant topic is a great way to get started.  One day does not disrupt business priorities and a second optional day can be used to work immediately on what was learned. 

Due to the non-threatening nature of classroom discussion you can obtain insights that mightnot otherwise be obtained in business meetings or on the job.  Each workshop has been delivered with multiple clients using sound educational psychology principles including modeling behavior, novel approaches, open classroom communication, meaningfulness, respect for the learner, and organized essential content.

Functional Strategy Workshop
Organizational Change Management
Y​​​​our functional strategy on 1-page.  
  • Where do we want to be?
  • What do we do?
  • What makes us different from others?
  • How will we know when we are successful?
  • What processes will help get us there?
Project Recovery Workshop
MBTI and Teams
Practical approach to change based on  9 guiding principles outlined in the ITIL 4 methodology.  A hard (vs. soft) approach to change.
Project turnaround that goes beyond manipulating the plan.  Introduces a unique 3-component Project Recoery Model.
Adaptable Presentations
Supervisors as Instructors
A research based approach (using the MBTI instrument) to take team performance to the next level.
One-of-a-kind workshop that goes beyond presentations training.  Provides techniques for connecting with various audiences.
Collaboration and Conflict
Sound educational psychology techniques for instructors and supervisors who find themselves instructing others.   The answer to the 70-20-10 rule.
A research based approach (using the TKI instrument) to get the most out of your teams interactions with others
Stepping up to Manager
Managing Task Overload
A practical approach to the complex challenge of becoming a (or being a better) manager.
A systemic look at work that leads to more productivity using the Seven Planning and Management Tools