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We help launch new or turnaround low performing functions, processes, and teams. 

Whether you are starting new, slightly off course, or completely turned around, it might makes sense to take a Performance Engineering view of your organization. 
What is Performance Engineering?   Well, you likely have training people addressing people performance issues, six sigma black belts working on process performance issues, and organizational development people solving organization design and strategy issues. 

Performance engineering looks at all of those holistically in order to address the cross-over gaps, or as Geary Rumller calls it the "white space" of your organization.     

We will help you address those gaps so we can engineer a higher level of performance for your people, process, and organization---all at once.

Not sure where to start?   Try one of the four options below.​​

  1. Buy the book.
    Buy the book.
    Purchase the book: Improving Performance, How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart by Geary Rummler. Pay particular attention to Chapter 3: Three Levels of Performance
  2. Ask the right questions.
    Ask the right questions.
    Geary Rummler outlines performance questions to ask at each of the three levels of performance.
  3. Hold a Workshop.
    Hold a Workshop.
    An educational event creates a non-threatening environment where barriers and opportunities are exposed during classroom discussion. Click below for a list of workshops.
  4. Conduct an Offsite.
    Conduct an Offsite.
    An offsite can help you and our team reset and give you the insight you need to know what steps to take next. We have a lot of experience with effective offsites. Click below to see.
9-box questions
Customizable workshops
Anatomy of an effective offsite
 Engineering Worthy Performance​​
since June 2000

We have experience working in all 9 boxes of Rummler's Model (click below)

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