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 Customizable Workshops​​

Conducting a 1-day workshop around a relevant topic is a great way to get started.  One day does not disrupt business priorities.  Due to the non-threatening nature of classroom discussion you can obtain insights that mightnot otherwise be obtained in business meetings or on the job.  The following workshops can be customized to get you started in the right direction
Effective Presentations

Teambuilding using MBTI® ​

Conflict Management using TKI™

Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Innovation in the Workplace using the "Whack Pack"

​Stepping Up to Manager (including simulation) 2 days

Intercultural Business Workshop using the Hofstede model

​Scrum Overview and Application for non-IT functions​​
Effective Instruction using Yelon's Principles

Leadership Effectiveness and Development using FIRO-B™ 

Articulating a Measurable Strategy using the Strategy Aritculation Map

Team Effectiveness using DiSC(R)  

Mastering Complexity using Behavioral Styles

Collaboration using Behavioral Styles and Broken Squares

​Performance Engineering using the Rummler 9-box Model (includes case studies and action plans)
For a one page description and sample agenda for any of the workshops above, please contact us at:  [email protected]